Wiki Proj.1: Media Effects Historical Events

For this assignment, your wiki group will need to do research on a media effects historical event that is assigned to you. The group’s goal is to compile all the relevant information (links, images, movies, stories) into a single Wiki page for others to access. As a reminder, this is a group effort so please work collaboratively by assigning each member to have the opportunity to edit your group's Wiki page. You can find your group's page activity and other group's page activity under "What's New".

Suggested Task List:

1. Do research online to find out about the event’s who, what, when, where and why. This could be a good way to organize your content. Avoid lumping all information together.

2. Write about how and why the event is so important to the history of media effects.

Wiki Proj.1 should be ready for grading by Feb. 19th (10am) BUT your group should have the information ready to share in-class on Feb. 17th (in class).

Recommendations for Citations:
Although the format of this project is different from a traditional paper, all citation rules for a paper assignment apply. Basically, follow APA style to prevent yourself and your group from plagiarizing. This means to NOT COPY AND PASTE text without crediting the source. Try utilizing HYPERTEXT if you want to refer to the oringial text found online. Along with hyperlinks, it's highly recommended that you summarize the material. Organize a reference section at the very end of your wiki page.

Reference this link for further guidelines: Diana Hacker

Some other suggestions suggested by the previous class are:
  1. incorporate a footnote system
  2. embed links to avoid cluttered reference list
Recommendations for Organization:
Below is a list of suggestions for how your group can organize your materials into a coherent, interesting, and attractive page of information. Your goal is to demonstrate to the rest of the class how your group has digested the vast amount of information found relevant to your topic.
  1. Bold-face key terms
  2. Organize the information chronologically or thematically by breaking down your materials into "background history", "definition", "significance" etc. This can be achieved by utilizing bullet points and assigning headings to each sections.
  3. Summarize the materials rather than using direct quotes.
  4. Fully utilize widget functions such as embedding YouTube clips and attaching images etc.
Friendly reminder:
Although Wetpaint allows the possibility of collaborating, it doesn't allow two people editing the same page at the same time. So if you're having trouble accessing the page, it's probably because some one else is using it too. Please plan ahead and not wait until last minute to post.