Social Impact of the Media

CMM306 - Social Impact of the Media
About this course:

Social Impact of the Media is a course that will take a close look at the various social and psychological implications surrounding the use of media contents.

About this site:

The intention behind this site has everything to do with the idea of "Web2.0". Want a quick definition of it? Here's Wikipedia's take on it, but I like Tim O'Reilly's version since he and his team were the first to take notice of its significance. Just in case you're not a textual person and you prefer multimedia over linear text, the video on the right is a popular and award winning visual presentation of what Web2.0 is and is not.

So what does this have to do with you using this site for our class? Web2.0 refers to the type of websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Digg and many many more. These websites harness the collective power of their users. In other words, the substance of each Web2.0 websites relies on the existence of its users. It is the ultimate manifestation of the idea that "the sum of its parts is greater than the whole". It's about user-generated content and collaborative work. is a Wiki website that gives us the virtual space and support to do just that...collaborative work. Under the context of understanding the social impact of the media, we will utilize this site to accomplish three Wiki projects. As illustrated in this page, you are to compile information and arguments required for each project via the presentation of linear text, hyperlinks, videos, animations, and images.

Tips for Building Your Wiki:
  • Rename your Wiki page to describe your project.
  • Encourage contribution: Write a "task list" for new pages.
  • Invite all group members to help out! (Click on "Invite others" in the Page Toolbox)
Need more? Add graphics and flourishes that match your wiki design (they're free from Paint Splatters)